Custom Web App – Abbott Managed Care

Immersing ourselves in our clients’ businesses has always worked well for us. Here, we knew all the variables involved—including the Medical Regulations process—so we were able to develop a custom Web app for a ground-breaking new marketing system in a fairly short period of time.


To get real-time drug formulary status information to physicians nationwide so the physicians know which Abbott branded drugs are covered for patients by regional or national health plans. The solution had to be quick, easily accessible and linked to the latest information from Abbott’s Formulary Database.


Our Web app was designed to allow the sales reps to create current, customized Formulary Status Cards, populated automatically from the Abbott Managed Care Formulary Database, “on the fly.” The new process is very user-friendly: through a remote access, Web-based user interface form, authorized users are able to obtain the current formulary status of custom selected, district-specific health plans for Abbott branded drugs from Abbott’s Formulary Database. By being guided through a few simple steps, a print-ready PDF file is generated “on the fly” by the sales rep for proofing and then uploaded to a designated print house for “on demand” digital output and shipping. We branded this Web app “FORMation,” and developed all aspects of this proprietary software tool.

What took months now takes 5-7 working days, creating a real competitive advantage for Abbott reps in the field.