PR Campaign – TrueNet by KRONE

Sometimes a PR campaign needs to be executed instantaneously. In these cases, Nova’s rich experience within niche markets, teamed with it’s comprehensive knowledge of its clients, allows for strategy and execution to spring into action.


KRONE was known for its connectors, patch panels, termination blocks, and wall outlets—the connectivity components for commercial or enterprise networks. However the acquisition of a cabling component gave them a complete structured cabling system—and the ability to compete at the high-end of the marketplace.

Brand Positioning

The new KRONE high-level system was similar to others in the marketplace, except that an active network test procedure was performed after installation as part of the warranty. No one else in the industry had taken this approach, so we had a solid differentiator. The challenge, however, was to educate the target audience about the failure of some systems to perform up to par once subjected to the installation process (and KRONE’s system ability to both provide and prove its in-use performance).

We were charged with developing the brand charter/identity, the positioning statement and the message platform.


The brand became TrueNet™ and our position statement and message platform revolved around the brand’s unique ability to document its high-level and true performance. The new brand position and message were also tested and tweaked through use of a series of end-user focus groups.

Armed with the affirmation of the focus groups, we proceeded with the development of the TrueNet Web site (linked to KRONE), advertising, sales collateral, data sheets, a technical service manual, system warranties, PowerPoint® sales presentations, distributor programs, white papers, 3-dimensional direct mailers, key account sales presentation materials, trade show graphics, application reports and a PR campaign consisting of a series of press releases and trade publication articles.

The Results

Over the course of a year, KRONE greatly exceeded its sales projections and the sales force reported that there was a “buzz” in the industry about the TrueNet system. KRONE’s competitors were also on the defense.