Product Differentiation Campaign

With approximately 60% of the worldwide linear motion device market, THK experienced strong brand awareness. However, U.S. buyers did not understand how THK’s products differed from their competition, since all promotions centered on their breadth of line.


Differentiate THK’s linear motion devices from its competitors and build awareness of this differentiation among OEM design engineers and machine builders.


We developed a product differentiation campaign that focused on THK’s patented Caged Technology™. The Caged design was mentioned in previous THK promotions, but was never defined and positioned as a major brand attribute. And it is this technology that allows THK’s linear motion devices to operate smoothly, precisely and quietly – ensuring the high-speed, long-term and maintenance-free operation of the devices.

To promote the new Caged Technology brand theme, we developed a full-color design guide, entitled “How to Improve Motion Design,” which included a number of graphics that demonstrated the superior operation of THK’s linear motion devices over conventional devices. A print ad campaign followed, as well as a series of online ads that allowed the respondent to download the brochure via a landing page. We also reinforced the product differentiation messaging at a number of trade shows via strong colorful graphics and “Caged Technology In Action” displays.