Understanding the Changing Payor Landscape – Abbott

Effective marketing solutions don’t usually come in wildly sweeping gestures. Often, the most effective tactics come from gaining an intimate understanding of a client culture and the tools that can be most readily implemented.


To create awareness of Abbott as a provider of educational programs that address trends in the U.S. payor environment. Needed to provide a collective look at the potential trends and key issues in the healthcare landscape over the next one, three-to-five and ten years, instituting a framework by which they can anticipate possible healthcare scenarios.


Conducted expert and desk research studies for a long-range perspective and presented findings in a comprehensive, yet easy-to-digest annual publication. Trained account management staff on how to present the research using a podcast discussion format and engaging promotional materials. Also scheduled face-to-face meetings with key managed care leaders from health plans/PBMs, employers and the government to share results.