Vertical Market Promotion: Wind Energy
– Belden

Often it takes a diverse set of tools and tactics to create an effective vertical market promotion. Knowing when and how to successfully combine traditional solutions with the more “glossy” interactive elements sets Nova B2B Marketing apart and brings the best results for our clients.


To position Belden as a leading source of mission-critical Signal Transmission Solutions within the emerging Wind Energy Industry.


Capitalizing on Belden’s proven record of performance in a variety of industrial markets, our vertical market promotion included a series of materials designed to address key environmental challenges and performance factors associated with the construction of onshore and offshore wind farms. Key program components included a technical brochure that discusses design performance considerations and how Belden’s total solution set meets the industries’ needs from the nacelle to the control center.

A vertical market microsite was created that features an interactive tool to demonstrate the system and sub-system solutions Belden provides, highlighting the cables, connectivity and active devices best suited for each Wind Power Application.